Welcome to Hazelgraphy.com! My name is Hazel, and I was the inspiration behind Hazelgraphy. Not only am I cute and cuddly, I am also my master’s best friend! He happened to be a photographer too. Here’s a photo of me doing all the work!

Just like me, Hazelgraphy would love to be your most loyal companion. Hazelgraphy strives to be all photographer’s best friend, providing photographers worldwide with the templates and tools to help them in their passion.

I see my master spend so much time in front of the computer doing his post production work. Editing photos, designing and preparing the products for his customers were time consuming. He had a degree in arts/design, yet he still struggles to free his time from his post-production and instead doing what he loves most, photography! (Oh, and taking me for walkies!)

So one day he started Hazelgraphy, a site where photographers can download photoshop templates and tools that can help them in their post production stage. Beautifully designed templates, and super easy to customize! All you need to do is to drag your photos into them, change the colors and text, add your own logo, and woof! You’re done!

There are many other websites out there that provide similar things, but none quite fit the workflow he was after. With Hazelgraphy, you no longer need to keep buying templates, and losing them! By becoming a member, you’ll be able to download all the templates and tools from our website. Also Hazelgraphy has teamed up with many talented designers to come up with fresh and innovative designs weekly! So you’ll always be in touch with the latest design & photography trends! Oh, and your customers will love the variety you offer to them.


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